Learn All About Breastfeeding

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Episode 43 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast is All About Breastfeeding. Find out: 
What to do when breastfeeding doesn’t go as imagined
Typical breastfeeding issues that come up for new mothers 
What factors drive whether a woman can breastfeed or not
Tips for breastfeeding success – what you can do in the hospital / right after giving birth
The ins and outs of the initial physical pain of breastfeeding
What breastfeeding accessories you actually need
How you may be able to receive a free breast pumps through health insurance
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The Ultimate Birth Plan Template You Can Customize And Use Yourself! (Part 3)

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The FINAL Birth Plan Episode. We provide a Birth Plan Template you can download and customize for your own use in hospital or for a home birth. It is 1,000 times easier to edit a birth plan template compared to creating one from scratch. Listen to episodes 13 & 40 & 42 (for Parts 1 & 2 & 3 respectively) to hear Esther and Sarah explain each item on the plan. Love, Sarah & Esther

Mental Health

Become The Best Version Of Yourself

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In a word, Ann Jonas is resilient. She incorporates her own sense of spirituality into her coaching work, having experienced the sudden loss of her parents (her father killed her mother and died himself shortly thereafter in jail) and subsequently experienced the loss of her partner when her daughter was only two years old. One of Ann’s takeaways from her journey thus far is that “life happens for you, not to you.” She uses the metaphor of a car as the way we can look at life. There’s a huge front windshield so we can look ahead and look around us. Listen to Ann share how to become the best version of yourself on Episode 24 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast.