Fourth Trimester Resources & Recommendations

Resources & Recommendations

The Fourth Trimester Resources and Recommendations list helps support our goal of finding and sharing the best resources that empower parents to take care of themselves and their families.

Here at Fourth Trimester Podcast we are constantly being asked for advice on resources and products we love. If we are posting something here, it is because we’ve personally had a good experience with the resource or product. We only recommend what we ourselves genuinely approve of and trust.

See the lists below for our favorite online resources, books, a baby food making guide, tips for bottle rejecting babies, and even recommendations for good food for parents.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions: Contact Us.

Fourth Trimester Resources and Recommendations

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FREE DOWNLOAD Birth Team Overview – Who’s Who At The Hospital

The Best Online Resources For New and Expecting Parents

Our Favorite Fourth Trimester Books

The Best Way To Make Your Own Baby Food

The Best Non-bottle Option For Babies Who Don’t Like Bottles

Good Food For New Parents

Sustainable Parenting: Why Compostable Diapers are a Game Changer