Post-Birth Libido, Birth Injury & How Past Trauma Affects Birth

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Fourth Trimester Podcast Episode 27: Post-Birth Libido

Ever wonder about when you’ll be able to have sex again after having a baby? Or how your body will feel and heal after giving birth? Curious about how having a baby affects intimacy, sensation and your body in general?

Kimberly Ann Johnson
Kimberly Ann Johnson

Answering these questions for us is Kimberly Johnson. She is a bodyworker, doula, post-partum women’s health specialist, and single mom. Having had a difficult postpartum experience herself, she set out to understand what exactly was going on with her, and to heal herself naturally.

Her mission is to empower + educate women to make their own choices about how to nourish their bodies, how to sustain their relationships + tenderly reawaken their libidos, how to parent their children with wholeness + creativity, and how to fully mine the experience of being ALIVE.

Kimberly listens to the nervous system to provide a whole perspective on recovery and pelvic health, highlighting the importance of feminizing sex and empowering women to define their sexual desires. Johnson emphasizes the value of communication and physical touch, even in the first six weeks, and encourages addressing any emotional needs or resentments.

Scar tissue and discomfort resulting from a third degree tear can prevent sexual intimacy. Integrating somatic practices, such as awareness of bodily sensations, can aid in postpartum healing and restore empowerment.

Johnson encourages prioritizing personal health and open communication with partners about pelvic health and sexual needs. She emphasizes the importance of developing sensation awareness and tuning into the body and provides tips for strengthening the pelvic floor. Johnson introduces the concept of a “walkabout” of the pelvic floor, where individuals become more aware of their muscles and learn to connect with them better.

Please consult with your doctor to understand what is safe for you and your body.

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