Perinatal Herbalism Can Provide Enjoyment, Rest & Recovery

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Fourth Trimester Podcast Episode 64: Perinatal Herbalism with Beth Rees

Esther introduces Beth Rees and the topic of Perinatal Herbalism our audience. (Perinatal = relating to the time, usually a number of weeks, immediately before and after birth.) On our show we like to hear about all sorts of supportive approaches to pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. Beth tells us about how herbs can nourish us and add enjoyment, rest and recovery to our intensive work growing our families.

We discuss:

  • How Beth became a doula/herbalist
  • Geeking out about Birth and Postpartum
  • Heart-opening
  • Herbal self-nourishment and caring for the new mom and baby
  • Herbalism/Acupuncture integration
  • Local approaches
  • Gentle Giants of the herb world
  • Internal and external nourishment and healing
  • Show notes for specific herbal supports for parents and children

Beth Rees came to Doula work and herbalism by way of college and her work in the Women’s Center. The social justice and feminist orientation placed her at a pivot-point for a deep dive into Women’s transitions: physical, emotional-social and cultural. Her friend becoming pregnant paralyzed her focus on the perinatal period and alternative health approaches.

Here is a guide for herbal recipes and applications called “Herbal Remedies for the Postpartum Family”:

Download 4th Trimester Podcast Herbal Remedies for the Postpartum Family

Recipes include Postpartum sitz bath, Happy Postpartum & Breastfeeding Tea, Postpartum Turmeric and Ginger chicken Soup.

Beth Rees
Beth Rees

Beth Rees is a practicing doula serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Beth has been working with women and families for over 20 years and serving as a doula since 2006. In her practice, she incorporates perinatal herbal medicine, acupressure/massage for labor and breastfeeding, mindfulness meditation, mindful hypnosis-based birthing and parenting, breath and vocalization techniques, as well as other mind and body comfort measures. Doula Beth is a Certified Doula & Certified Lactation Educator and Counselor (CLEC).

Questions? Please feel free to contact Beth at .

Listen to Esther & Beth on the Fourth Trimester Podcast Episode 64. Click here for iTunes and click here for Google Podcasts. Enjoy! xo

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