Afraid Of The Birth? Anxious About Being A Parent?

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Afraid of The Birth?

Afraid Of The Birth? Anxious About Being A Parent? Here To Guide Us Is Leah Chalofsky

Episode 66 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast is all about Maternal Mental Health.

Leah is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in the Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco. She has been providing therapy since 2007, after working as a nanny, theater workshop facilitator, and health educator. Prior to private practice, Leah worked at two non-profits on the peninsula that provided outpatient mental health services and court-ordered groups. She has been in private practice at the holistic wellness center Community Well for almost three years and specializes in working with maternal mental health, domestic violence, and anxiety.

Address The Fear

Many expectant mothers experience fear or anxiety about the birthing process. It’s important to address these fears and seek support from a healthcare provider or therapist to prepare for a positive birth experience.

We talked with Leah about the benefits of new parent support groups, anxiety (as it relates to pregnancy and parenting), domestic violence, and teen pregnancy/parenting. Topics covered:

  • Hormones and their influence
  • Emotions prior to birth
  • Anxiety, Depression and “feeling bad about feeling bad”
  • First two years of child’s life – transitions physical and mental
  • Benefiting from being around other parents
  • Ruling out physical issues – how physical and emotional are intertwined

Her association with Community Well ( and our conversation about this organization was one aspect of why she’s such a special guest. (Please note, the New Parents Circle that was meeting at Community Well on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month is no longer running – go to the Community Well calendar page to find out what events are currently on offer!)

Leah Chalofsky
Leah Chalofsky


Listen to Esther & Leah on the Fourth Trimester Podcast Episode 66. Click here for iTunes and click here for Google Podcasts. Enjoy! xo

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