Fourth Trimester Partner Deals


Dr. Angelique Millette: Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Parent Coach

Dr Angelique Millette Sleep Consultation

Dr. Angelique Millette offers child sleep and parent coaching that meets the needs of the whole family. Live personalized consulting or on-demand sleep training webinars.

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Fourth Trimester Partner Deals Early Childhood Matters Logo

Early Childhood Matters

Facilitated First Time Mom Groups & Second+ Time Mom Groups * Parenting workshops * Parent/toddler playgroups * Private consultations

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Every Mother

Research-based, on-demand, express exercise therapy regimens. 

Every Mother creates a personalized daily exercise regimen tailored to address your unique core and pelvic floor needs at any life stage, whether you need help with one or multiple symptoms including: diastasis recti, birth prep, postpartum recovery, incontinence, surgical recovery, sexual health

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Masterclass for parenting courses.” Online expert-led parenting classes and virtual support groups: practical advice for everyday challenges.

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Science-backed gut health supplements that have been carefully designed, developed, and tested by real dietitians to produce results. 

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Kari Marble

Kari Marble 

Virtual kriya breathwork courses perfect for daily practice or whenever needed for those hectic days.

Practicing kriyas can help reduce stress, balance the brain and nervous system, boost vitality and immune system function, and strengthen the mind and heart

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KAZ Project 

  • Postpartum Midwifery Care: in-home visits to assess & support healing
  • Lactation Consulting: Help with nursing and infant feeding 
  • Online Resources: Tip sheets, recommendations and more. 
  • Workshops for Expecting Parents: Education designed to prepare parents for the next stage 
  • New Parent Classes: Our classes put the focus on the parent, with topics ranging from finance to pelvic floor dynamics to circus lifestyle, parents can come to classes that foster their growth, without needing to get childcare. 

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Fourth Trimester Partner Deals Lisa For Real Logo

Lisa Chin Coaching 

Coaching program to help women reclaim their authentic selves, including through self-healing of trauma and addressing old belief structures.

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Fourth Trimester Partner Deals MBC Marisa Belger Coaching

Marisa Belger Coaching

Marisa Belger is the co-author of The First Forty Days and she offers one-on-one coaching to help parents disarm patterns and programming that are keeping them from recognizing, and respecting their authentic values, desires, and gifts. 

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natural resources logo

Natural Resources 

New Parent Resource Center — Online & in-person classes for expecting and new parents. Everything you need for your new baby.

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Fourth Trimester Partner Deals Partum Health logo

Partum Health Online Courses

Online courses including Birthing Basics, Postpartum Nutritional Needs, Evidence Based Birth, Gentle Birth

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Fourth Trimester Partner Deals Steamy Chick Institute Logo

Steamy Chick 

FREE Womb Cleanse Course (Wait for page to load!)Visit Button

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Fourth Trimester Partner Deals Supergut Logo


Prebiotics to help improve digestion, curb cravings, balance blood sugar. Supergut is pioneering breakthrough nutrition solutions to harness your gut microbiome to give you lasting control over your health. 

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Fourth Trimester Partner Deals Tighten Your Tinkler Logo Holistic Pelvic Floor Health From Home

Tighten Your Tinkler

Daily online physical therapy routines to help address prolapse, pee leaks, pain. Physical self-care from the comfort of your home

There’s no need to continue to suffer embarrassing and uncomfortable symptoms in silence. And remember, it’s never too late to do the repair work.

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Fourth Trimester Partner Deals UpChoose Logo


Organic baby clothing subscription for every stage. Rent bundles of organic baby clothes curated from premium brands. Swap sizes as your child grows. Skip the stress, clutter, and waste.

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Fourth Trimester Partner Deals Welcome To Fatherhood WTF Logo

Welcome To Fatherhood 

Dad Zone coaching and group workshops for fathers-to-be, new fathers and dads of all stages. Prepare for fatherhood and thrive with confidence as a Dad and true partner

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