The Ultimate Birth Plan Template You Can Customize And Use Yourself! (Part 2)

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Fourth Trimester Podcast Episode 40: The Ultimate Birth Plan (AKA Intentions) Template You Can Customize And Use Yourself! (Part 2)

It is 1,000 times easier to edit a birth plan template compared to creating one from scratch.

Sure, the hospital provides a two page ‘fill-in-the-blank’ questionnaire with some of the same information on it. However, it doesn’t come close to providing the level of detail in your own plan.

Birth Plan Template (Free download)

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Listen to episode 40 where Esther and I go through the details of each item on the document so you can hear the definitions and pros and cons of the various items included.

Birth Intentions Template Part 2

In Part 2, we focus on considerations around medical procedures such as electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) and internal fetal monitoring. It is important to be aware of options available, and to advocate for oneself to ensure comfort during labor. Vaginal exams should only be conducted when necessary and pain management and support decisions should be based on the woman’s labor stage. We also talk about the use of drugs such as fentanyl and morphine, the relationship between fetal monitoring and drugs, and the use of Pitocin during labor. Be aware that C-sections can be necessary but are often overused. The importance of staying comfortable during labor and maintaining good hydration is something you can include in how you intend your experience to be. Finally, this episode also discusses birthing positions and the use of warm compresses to avoid tearing.

Part 3 will cover cesarean birth and the immediate postpartum period. Ultimately, creating a clear and concise birth plan can help ensure a safe and positive birth experience.

Intentions vs Plan

Finally, why do we sometimes say “intentions” instead of “plan”? Well, that’s because if we call something an ‘intention’, we set the expectation that things may or may not go exactly according to what is written down. And that’s reality. If things go exactly as we want, great. If not, we are emotionally prepared to cope with a range of outcomes, and that makes for a smoother delivery process.

Please always consult with your doctor to understand what is appropriate for your own situation.

Audio To Accompany Template

Listen to Sarah and Esther talk you through the ins and outs of each item on the birth plan document:

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